People for People Charter School (PFPCS)

Funding provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Education

People for People Charter School

PFPCS is a public charter school that educates children from kindergarten to eighth grades with a curriculum that incorporates entrepreneurship into the main subjects. For additional information, please visit or call (215) 763-7060.

Program Overview

The underlying purpose of The People for People Charter School is to equip students with a challenging educational experience in which the fundamentals of entrepreneurship are a primary focus. Economic, community and career education are being integrated into all subject areas in each grade. Our students will acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and interests through a highly innovative program. They will learn how to be informed decision makers as spenders, investors, borrowers and managers of money and to act on these decisions wisely by playing a significant role in the existing People for People, Inc. community programs.

PFPCS Senior Staff

  • Pri Seebadri, Principal (email)
  • Andre C. Williams, Director of Operations (email)
  • Gregory J. Allen, Ph.D., Director of Development (email)
  • Frank L. Robinson, Director of Entrepreneurship (email)
  • Carol Nathaniel, Business Manager (email)
  • Macarthur Vickers, Director of Transportation & Security (email)

Recent PFPCS News and Updates

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Additional Resources and Information