Together, WE Change Lives!

The Summer has ended…

August 31, 2018

Dear Friends,
Thank you for your interest and support of our work to change lives here in Philadelphia.
“The summer is ending and…” This may put you in mind of a verse from Jeremiah (8:20) or maybe just the chance to squeeze in another vacation day. Either way, you’re likely thinking there is so much more to do. But for some young lady their “and” will be what to do about an unexpected pregnancy.
Every summer has its own story and I wanted to thank you for being part of ours through your support of People for People and our Hope Pregnancy Center. Every dollar you give helps to write a story of hope for the unborn and help to that mother who may be thinking her only option is abortion.
Every special gift will help us continue the narrative beyond the summer. We believe the story does not have to end with another desperate abortion.
Director of Operations, Marlene tells how her story changes daily by the random clients who visit our clinic on North Broad Street. The services she helps provide are free of charge but not without cost. Every pregnancy test, ultrasound and bundle of diapers represents a cost many mothers cannot afford. Your gift will help to change the desperate story of a young mother simply trying to find peace with the new life inside of them and… so much more.
You can track some of the stories on our Hope Facebook page

Herb H. Lusk, II
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