Together, WE Change Lives!

February Newsletter

February Newsletter

February 2018

Dear Friends,

Can you believe we’re still dealing with the effects of a mid-January fire? It was quickly contained but it has affected every system in the building. Repairing the damage is one thing but then upgrades and inspections seem to be never ending. I’m grateful for the safety of everyone and we’ll end up with some necessary upgrades but the fire has created an unexpected burden we simply cannot bear alone.

I need your help to bridge the gap between what insurance covers and the necessary upgrades as we recover. I’m so proud of the team and their effort to find work-arounds during this difficult time (like walking 7 flights of stairs to their office). Some things like temporary heating, relocating students and moving the DAD program each incurred additional costs of their own.

Would you consider joining the Club 32 team with a one-time gift or better yet, a monthly gift to help cover the gap of these unexpected expenses? Because of your support babies continue to be saved, mothers are counselled, fathers are mentored, toddlers are trained and students continue to be educated for the future. Together, WE change lives!

February is a time to share love with a valentine and carry out the goodwill we all had as we entered the New Year. February is also Black History Month, which historically reminds me why we exist, “…to break the cycle of generational poverty.” Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “the curse of poverty is as cruel as cannibalism.” The guiding mission of PFP is “to break the vicious generational cycle of poverty in the lives of people by encouraging the development of personal responsibility, accountability, and self-reliance through education, using principles of faith, hope, and love.”

Recognizing the complex obstacles facing low-income urban residents, I need your help to continue providing services that will equip residents to change their future. Again, quoting MLK, Jr., “it’s a cruel thing to tell a bootless man to lift himself up by his own bootstraps.” Our entrepreneurial work is all about connecting concerned community leadership and available resources with distressed neighborhoods and needs of North Philadelphia.

Here’s a simple way you can connect your friends to People For People – Donate Your Birthday! All you need to do is send a request with the month of your birth or other celebration to Jim will then prepare a personal link that you can use to invite your friends and with a couple of clicks they can send a gift to PFP in honor of your birthday, anniversary or business. I’ll send them a thank you and forward you a list of all those who respond along with the total contribution received in your honor!

Together, WE can continue to a difference as we move forward in 2019 and celebrate our 30th Anniversary Year!


Herb H. Lusk, II