Together, WE Change Lives!

June – D.A.D.’s make a difference

June 2019 Newsletter – DAD’s Make a Difference

Dear friend,
Whether you study modern secular psychology or ancient biblical theology, there can be no doubt about the positive impact of a three-generational-family on our society.
For 30 years, the guiding mission of PFP has been to “break the vicious generational cycle of poverty in the lives of people by encouraging the development of personal responsibility, accountability, and self-reliance through education, using principles of faith, hope, and love.” This vision was first instilled in me by my father, confirmed in my own life through coaches and mentors and is now committed to through my own son, Herbert H Lusk, III. Whether you’re starting out in business, a family of your own or just getting back on your feet, I know you’ll agree with me that having generational support is the single greatest factor in success. See our Project Dad video
“Together, WE change lives.”
In this 30th Anniversary Year we have educated more than 600 students with an entrepenureal spirit, mentored more than 500 men in job training and fatherhod, shared options other than abortion with more than 300 ladies and helped nearly 200 families keep their job by providing child care. Your gifts are like the generational support necessary to sustain this change. Each gift represents a missing father, mentor or educator in the life of someone trying to change their future. I hope you’ll plan to join our 30th Anniversary Gala to hear more of their stories.
This same vision is being developed at the Frederick Douglass School in Chester, PA. An important part of their support comes from people like you directing their PA tax dollars toward scholarships. Email my VP for Development for a simple one page explanation of this program Meanwhile, be sure and sign-up and support education in Chester through our golf outing