Together, WE Change Lives!

August – Welcome Back

Dear friend, 
We’ve spent the summer upgrading and preparing for a new year of education. By the time you receive this letter these desks will be filled to capacity. Each year nearly 3,000 students are placed on a waiting list to join our charter school with its unique entrepreneurial focus. Visit our website to learn more
Now that school has started, its time to turn our attention to celebrating what great things God has accomplished. It’s not a sense of being done but rather how much more needs to be done. It’s like how you feel when you return from vacation with both the joy of what you did and the anticipation of what else you might do next year. I’m excited to share with you what else your support can accomplish… together, WE change lives!
Make your plans now to attend our 30th Anniversary at our Gala on Thursday, November 14 at Hyatt at the Bellevue. I want to share with you first-hand what’s been going on.
In this 30th Anniversary Year we have educated more than 600 students in Philadelphia and Chester, mentored more than 500 DAD’s in job training and fatherhood, educated more than 300 mothers on birth options, helped nearly 200 families get to work by providing child care and educated 75 students over the summer on how to be work-ready. Every special gift helps us to continue this narrative for thousands more to come.
Would you consider joining me as a monthly donor for just $32? Club#32 gets its number from my jersey as an NFL Eagles tailback when I first came to Philadelphia. Becoming a monthly donor helps support the infrastructure for all that goes on here at People for People


DOUBLE YOUR NEXT DONATION! See if your employer will match your next gift or ask my VP of Development to look it up and he’ll send you the info you need to apply at your company –