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A Behind-the-Scene Look at Project D.A.D.

A Behind-The-Scene Look at Project D.A.D.

How a participant came to work at Project D.A.D.

With curriculum designed to make you think outside the box, the programming at Project D.A.D helps to encourage you to make changes and hold yourself accountable. The program is dedicated to helping you build healthy relationships with your community, family, and children.

One of the biggest draws to the Project D.A.D program are the three certifications we offer. Forklift, ServSafe, and Osha. It’s a great opportunity that can open many more doors and illuminate new potential employment opportunities.

Percy’s guest on episode 5 of Future, Fortune, and Fatherhood is , Abdul Hoch. He got all three of these certifications. His time with the program ended up leading him to a job with the program designed just for him. Now, he gets to sell the program itself, to help other men benefit the same way that he did. He says the most satisfying part is giving other people the opportunity to succeed the same way that he did. “Nobody helps you the way they help you here.”

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