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Certification Ignites Career

How Certifications Can Ignite Your Career

On episode 6 of Future, Fortune, and Fatherhood, Percy Jones is joined by Nicole Fuller, executive director at PhilaPOSH to discuss how their partnership benefits the father’s at Project D.A.D. They provide an Osha 10 certificate in construction. The osha 10 certification is a credential that can be brought anywhere, even outside Philadelphia. Employers love to see that they have these credentials. It is a requirement for all city employees to have, so it makes father’s stand out as valuable prospects for the jo

Nicole worked in construction, as a female in a male dominated career. Paying her way through college doing this type of work. She offers great insight into the benefits of pursuing a career in construction, and how Fathers at project D.A.D can benefit from this as well.

Tune in to hear about the additional certifications offered at PhilaPOSH, as well as more information on how Project D.A.D can help to ignite your career.