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The Origin of Fatherhood

The Origin of Fatherhood

Have you ever thought about why commercials immediately start showing drills, and tools when Father’s Day roll around?

On episode 15 of the Future, Fortune, and Fatherhood podcast Percy is joined by fellow program instructor Marc Burdell, a father of 6, to talk about the role of fathers, how those expectations came to be, and how fatherhood shapes the lives of children.

Marc explains, that today, a lot of children miss out on the presence of a father in their life, because of the financial struggles, that men face. In his opinion, time is the key factor in these circumstances. It takes time to build financial stability, to find your confidence in the workplace and the home, and to maintain relationships with your children. Being there, putting in the time, that is where success is found. “We don’t have the it takes a village mentality to raise a child anymore, we need to get that back.”

In the midst of the pandemic, Father’s Day may look a little different his year. In past year’s Marc and Percy participated in community flag football games with father’s and their families, followed by a family cookout. This year might have to be a bit smaller, with just immediate family, but it is sure to be just as meaningful.

“The biggest factor in our Father’s is how they think.”

“Time means more than money.”

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