Together, WE Change Lives!

A More Just & Inclusive Society

Fathers can be part of creating a more just and inclusive society.

How can fathers can be part of the solution for creating a more just and inclusive society? By making sure to talk about and encourage education when it comes to looking back at history and looking forward by voting.

In episodes 16 and 17 of Future, Fortune, and Fatherhood, Percy is joined by coworker Willy Ellison, to talk about Social Justice and equality.

“It’s a systemic issue…written into the constitution of the United States.” Says Willy. “Racism is insidious.”

Join the conversation to hear Percy and Willy’s take on how racism is learned. They give us an historical glance at the road to social justice and equality that Black people in America have had to endure.

“Change is going to happen whether we want it or not. I think we need to be willing and able to influence it.”

Make sure to listen to both Part One and Part Two on episodes 16 and 17 respectively.

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