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The Urban Agenda – Episode 23

What are the ills in our urban areas? Healthcare, Housing, Education, Employment, Criminal Justice System.

All of this is impacted by voting. It is so important that we vote, especially this year. In order to move the Urban Agenda forward, we have to get the right people into office. 

 The Urban Agenda works with colleges, churches, and other community based organizations to get the word out about the challenges that may be present this year because of Covid, and how to overcome them to make sure we get out to vote, register to vote, apply for mail in ballots, and anything else that will help us be heard. 

In episode 23 of the podcast, you’ll hear about the urban agenda and the various dimensions that most impact people in urban areas, including healthcare and housing, and how to help improve the quality of life for urban residents. Discover how to use your vote to create positive change, and the importance of education. Where to obtain your mail ballot, track it, and more. 

To request a mail in ballot go to or call 877-868-3771.

 Like many cities, the City of Philadelphia is short on poll workers. This is a great opportunity to apply to get paid to work on election day, to help make sure we have enough polling centers open to get our brothers and sisters out to vote this year.